prinson 28 Nov 2015
Hw can type malayalam
how can I reset my password 27 Nov 2015
Hello, I want to know which Malayalam font can support illustrator/ Corel platforms? None of the Unicode fonts are supported. Please respond through mail. Salahu
Zowjqw 26 Nov 2015
shantahariharan 18 Nov 2015
I can not find my Malayalam drafts Please help me
Jojy Kunchattil 08 Nov 2015
I wanted to type the malayalam word 'sambalam' (salary or pay in English) but it didn't get the first letter 'sa' correct. There was no options too available to select. Please get this type of problems cleared.
sudhakaran 30 Oct 2015
candidate (sthanarthi). ithine engana malayalam font il aakane?
DILSHA 21 Oct 2015
SK Verma 18 Oct 2015
How can we increase the font size, please?
Rammohan Bhaskaran 18 Oct 2015
Njan type cheythu space press cheythal Malayalam varunnilla
Dr.S.D.Singh 12 Oct 2015
I type in English letters. when the space is given I get the word in malayam font .But when I copy/cut and paste to word sheet .. the whole thing get disrupted ,, come out with lot of errors.. how to do it better..
joseph 30 Sep 2015
how to convert malayalam to english
Joyal Kurian Vettukattil 12 Sep 2015
It is not a fun but it is a serious matter for me because i am fond of my mothertoungue
Thomas Jacob 24 Aug 2015
conversion is ok. Exporting to Facebook having always probllem
Amr 21 Aug 2015
The genius store caldle, they're running out of you.
gopi mn 19 Aug 2015
The malayalam translation is not supported with proper malayalam ltters specially 'chillaksharangal' ir, il, ill,um, lla, nn,mma,kka, ect.previously it was very good with proper malayalam letters(aksharangal).In this modern time shall be grateful, if this is rectified at an early date
mini 18 Aug 2015
where you were able to open the pdf file
Najeem 02 Aug 2015
Idhintea Android Aps undo.....enkil adhintea playstorile Name Enthanu... Pls help me.
prince 21 Jul 2015
plz make a malayalam conversion application suitable for mobile phones.
RASHEED 18 Jul 2015
Plece give me My phone to Malayalam Transiletion
Junajoby 08 Jul 2015
We want Malayalam translation
aneesh 07 Jul 2015
can I change the font
Haris.p 07 Jul 2015
jaya 25 Jun 2015
i want to learn malayalam so when i type any word in english i want it in malayalam that should be spelled in english only
sudheer 17 Jun 2015
Njan type cheythu space press cheythal Malayalam varunnilla