Najeem 02 Aug 2015
Idhintea Android Aps undo.....enkil adhintea playstorile Name Enthanu... Pls help me.
prince 21 Jul 2015
plz make a malayalam conversion application suitable for mobile phones.
RASHEED 18 Jul 2015
Plece give me My phone to Malayalam Transiletion
Junajoby 08 Jul 2015
We want Malayalam translation
aneesh 07 Jul 2015
can I change the font
Haris.p 07 Jul 2015
jaya 25 Jun 2015
i want to learn malayalam so when i type any word in english i want it in malayalam that should be spelled in english only
sudheer 17 Jun 2015
Njan type cheythu space press cheythal Malayalam varunnilla
soju philip 16 Jun 2015
i cant copy and paste this converted malayalm article into word as before.
jomy 11 Jun 2015
after a few transliteration does not hapen
nikhil joseph 10 Jun 2015
Aniki hind padikanam pls help me
Neethu johnson 08 Jun 2015
I typed something in Malayalam changathi and pressed Save button. I cannot find out my writing now. Plz. Help plz
Isha 04 Jun 2015
I typed something in Malayalam changathi and pressed Save button. I cannot find out my writing now. Pls. Help
RR 28 May 2015
Any android app for malayalam.changathi?
JoJiMon 27 May 2015
I want English letters translate to same Malayalam letters
KPS 18 May 2015
How to paste a text prepared in MLTT Karthika
Krishnamoorthy 15 May 2015
How can I "write' avan, avaL, thooN, maan, avar etc? The last symbol (half consonant does not appear properly.
sumo sumoga 08 May 2015
I lost my 2 page article ,i should get it now immediately
pooja jpv 04 May 2015
i tried too mch to bt i dnt get the correct words nor the speeling when i type a word it comes something else:( plz help me
Pooja 03 May 2015
i tried to type deputy and secretariat, but the malayalam words are entirely different. please look forward to correct these.
pooja 03 May 2015
i cant find out letters wht i want it's tooooo tought opp's plzzzz teach me
Lalitha Sivadas 25 Apr 2015
നിന്റെ(ninte) This is not correct can you please correct it?
Shantahariharan 23 Apr 2015
I have been trying to type in Malayalam but as soon as I finish two three lines it gets stuck up.Please help me.
moideenkoya 21 Apr 2015
i have saved my documents in save .i cand open all now ,what is the problem with
Lakshmy Nair 25 Jan 2015
Recently when I type, certain letters are not translating proparly. For example " Aval" the last letter will translate into a character. Please help! Lakshmy