sara 26 Jan 2018
how to copy and paste into word
surya 22 Jan 2018
how do i get malyalam to english
P I Sadanandan 29 Dec 2017
How do I get my previous drafts?
Admin 28 Dec 2017
Web site is not working on uc browser
K S POULOSE 19 Dec 2017
How can I sent this matter to a email or post to some body ?
ayyappankutty 15 Dec 2017
after typing the mater and duly converted to Malayalam, the same is to be taken on a pen drive for printing. Please advise how to save and past to a pen drive.
shimi 12 Dec 2017
how to save the matter same to word without any change in letters
Suresh Kasaragod 11 Dec 2017
the requirement is to convert malayalam passage into English (Translation from Malayalam to English)
P. I.. SADANANDAN 10 Dec 2017
K V SURESH 26 Nov 2017
Malayalam translate aakunnilla.
jisha 14 Nov 2017
Kaaaa 10 Nov 2017
How to convert malayalam picture image to tamil
aswathy 04 Nov 2017
how to convert english to malayalam
aswathy 04 Nov 2017
how to convert english to malayalam
abdulsathar kamarudeen 03 Nov 2017
plz convert malayalam to english
krishna 02 Nov 2017
plz convert malayalam to english
SUSHEELA P 22 Oct 2017
Malayalathilekku marunilla
Smithd46 06 Oct 2017
Because here is a list of multiplayer games is that the leave was asked for more. gcaekdeddeebddkg
Ajay Tiwari 04 Oct 2017
I want to need English to Hindi converter immediately...Please help...
PB 03 Oct 2017
auto stop converted contents
Surendranath 02 Oct 2017
enicku manglish malayalathilekku maranam ethinte icon koodi screenil venam sthiramayi!njan enthu cheyyanam!
Mohan cherian 01 Oct 2017
How will you delete something already converted to Malayalam and is not needed again
sumesh kumar 29 Sep 2017
nte malayalam kittunnilla
RAKHI 27 Sep 2017
jish 25 Sep 2017
files save cheyyan pattunilla .. pls fix it