SALAM 13 Jul 2023
My sweet son iam here
anas 19 Mar 2023
how to write h in malayalam using english letter
varghese 31 Oct 2022
how to take print out
Unnikrishnan A G 14 Sep 2022
Let me know how to backup my data.?
rajesh k 26 Jul 2022
pleasebackup my data
Pradeep 06 Jun 2022
Is there any business version that we can embed in an application?
thomachankd 04 Jun 2022
i cant edit previous texts can fix this problem immideatley
ajay 06 Apr 2022
sweekarthavu ennathil er varunnilla....just showing two bars
Mary Arsha 27 Mar 2022
I would like to get in touch with the team Changathi, please provide the contact number.
Hari 23 Feb 2022
@Babu A I got the same problem in firefox. Try Chrome or any other browser.
Sunil Alexander 20 Feb 2022
Please provide backup, bunlk download option for backup.. i have a ton of lyrics
Haseena PP 14 Jan 2022
Is undo option there?
Suresh Menon 14 Jan 2022
Sir, I could not take back up of my drafts. Request to support me to retrieve same. Thanks
Saifuddin H 09 Jan 2022
how to type "deerkham" and "m" in malayalam.
Babu A 07 Jan 2022
Choosing of exact word in Malayalam cant be done. Only one word is showing while typing. No other form of word is available
Ajikumbanad 25 Nov 2021
how to get my old id
Vijayakumar P 24 Nov 2021
how to get correct versions from the propable list
John Cherry 15 Sep 2021
How do I retrieve what is done but diappeared from the screen.
Ciril 03 Sep 2021
Is it possible to type numbers? as 1,2,3?
pillai 08 Aug 2021
how can I view saved drafts after feeding logging in
pillai 08 Aug 2021
how to view saved drafts afterfeeding username and password
pillai 08 Aug 2021
how can I view saved drafts saved
R S Narayan 03 Aug 2021
How can I change the language
Reshma. K. M 22 Jul 2021
Iam not getting converted in malayalam it's not working